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LASC seeks relief for immigrant tenants living in apartments with extensive housing code violations

The LASC Housing Unit has joined a lawsuit filed by City of Columbus against the Whispering Oaks Apartment Complex on the city’s northeast side that seeks relief for mostly immigrant tenants living in apartments with extensive housing code violations.  LASC became involved with eighteen of the tenant families in August of 2016, first helping the tenants write letters to the owners of the complex, requesting repairs, and then coordinating with Columbus City Code officers to make sure each of the properties was inspected.  Over 200 individual code violations were found, and the eighteen families began escrowing their rent in December.  In February, the City of Columbus filed a lawsuit in Environmental Court seeking court-ordered repairs.  LASC filed an Answer and Cross-claim on behalf of the eighteen families, asking that the complex be turned over to a receiver who would make the repairs, and asking for compensatory damages.  The litigation is ongoing. The tenants have now escrowed over $40,000 in rent money.

Whispering Oaks

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