Brief Advice Clinics

Please call one of our intake lines–614-241-2001 or 1-888-246-4420–to determine whether additional help is available. We are adding services to address critical needs. Please check this page often for ongoing updates.

LASC assists individuals in the areas listed below. If we are unable to help you, consider attending one of our “Brief Advice” clinics in the community, where you will have the opportunity to meet with a volunteer attorney. The attorneys participating in our clinics are only available to provide information, advice, and referral. To receive this free service, you must have a total, gross household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines ($4184 monthly for a household of 4). You must also have assets below $25,284 (not including the home you own and live in or the car you drive for primary transportation). Individuals who attend LASC-sponsored clinics must also be citizens, lawful permanent residents (bring a copy of your green card), asylees or refugees (bring copy of green card of I-94), or meet another exception. For additional information on our immigration status requirements, call LASC at 614-224-8374.


CLINIC CANCELLATIONS: Occasionally our clinics are canceled due to space conflicts or weather.

Call 614-224-8374 on the day of the clinic to confirm, or visit this page the day of the clinic.



Legal Aid attorneys may be able to assist you with the following types of cases or legal problems:

Consumer Law

Family Law


Public Benefits







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