Richard Parsons

Ricky ParsonsRicky Parsons has volunteered with the Northland brief advice clinic for several years and more recently joined the team of volunteers who assist with the Adult Shelter Assistance Project at Faith Mission and the Van Buren shelter.

A Bexley native, Ricky was drawn to become involved by a Capital law school friend who was assisting with the clinic. Since that time he has enjoyed the opportunity to interact with fellow volunteer attorneys and support staff, all of whom share the desire to help others.

You will never hear him brag about it, but Ricky has been recognized by Ohio Super Lawyers® as a Rising Star for three years. This Rising Star demonstrates great compassion and a listening ear and has been known to have so much patience with a verbose client that clinic support staff have had to intervene and cut the marathon consultation short. Ricky does not limit his skills to helping indigent clients in his own community; he also provides pro bono counsel to Hogar Irekua, an orphanage in Morelia, Mexico.

Although he spends his days representing clients in both civil and criminal cases, Ricky has found the diverse client exposure at the clinics useful to keeping his client interview and issue spotting skills sharp.

That being said, he finds most fulfilling the opportunity to help others. He cites one example in particular in which he helped a client he met at a clinic by obtaining a Probate Court Order recognizing a client’s common law marriage to her husband who had deceased, enabling the client to obtain various benefits. “That was pretty amazing,” Ricky recalls, “and the client was about the sweetest and most grateful woman you could ever meet.”

Many other clients have been impacted by Ricky, and we are truly grateful!

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