Mindy Yocum

“There is no greater feeling than to be able to help someone through one of the most difficult times in their life.”

Through her participation with the LASC Pro Bono Program and her innovative approach to delivering affordable legal services to her clients, Mindy Yocum serves as an excellent example of how sole practitioners can provide access to justice and still put food on the table.

The Tag Line on the Yocum Law Office website states simply: “Every person deserves access to affordable legal services.” A 2015 graduate of Capital University Law School, Mindy operates a general practice, representing both businesses and individuals. Despite the responsibilities of both running a small business and representing clients, she retains a strong commitment to pro bono activity, participating in LASC’s Volunteer Resource Center Housing Project and assisting with Clean Slate clinics (for record-sealing and CQEs) and case referrals.

“I helped a grandfather who was taking care of his sick wife and young grandson work out a payment plan with his landlord – to avoid having an eviction on their record. He was so genuinely happy to have someone fighting on his behalf – to help lift some of the worry off his shoulders. Sometimes, when we are answering emails and filling out forms, we lose sight of the strength of the law.” Yocum also recently helped an LASC client obtain his Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE)—a powerful tool that will help him seek less physically demanding employment by removing the barriers caused by his old criminal record.

Mindy began volunteering with LASC when she was in law school because she was “passionate about individuals, regardless of income, having access to quality legal help.” Her pro bono work reflects her views on the importance of quality legal services for disenfranchised individuals: “A lot of people just want their voice to be heard, they may not understand their rights or the law, but they truly appreciate that another person is willing to listen to their story and fight for them in court.”

Relatively new to the practice, Mindy benefits from the training and mentoring available through LASC. “The team at LASC is there every step of the way, providing invaluable educational resources, answering questions, and taking last minute ‘what do I do now?’ calls. As a newer attorney and a solo practitioner, this support is incredible!”

In Mindy’s work with restored citizens, LASC Attorney Kathi Schear has served as an informal mentor: “I have been lucky enough to participate in some of the reentry work that [Kathi] is doing, and it is impressive. She is working non-stop to help eliminate barriers for these reentering individuals and she is always open to new ideas and new strategies for solutions. Professionally, I have gained so much from her experience, insight, and willingness to think outside of the box.” Although she is realistic when deciding how much time she can commit during any given month, “[f]or me, time spent volunteering is a priority because it doubles as great court experience and allows me to network with other like-minded attorneys.”

LASC is grateful to have Mindy as a passionate advocate for clients and as a champion for our work: “Now more than ever, it is important that we support our Legal Aids. They are the driving force behind many new and innovative programs that increase access to justice for low-income people, providing hope and often a path out of poverty.”

Thank you Mindy!

To learn how you can join Mindy and help lead others on a path out of poverty, visit our Get Involved section here.

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