Volunteer Attorney Mina Khorrami has played an integral role in the Bankruptcy Pro Bono Project since its genesis in 2011. She was on the committee that first established the project, under the direction of Bankruptcy Judge Hoffman, and since that time, Mina’s commitment has not wavered.

Melissa Linville, LASC Staff Attorney for the Bankruptcy Pro Bono Project, speaks highly of Mina’s involvement : “From regularly taking Chapter 7 pro bono referrals, to serving on the Fresh Start Gala Planning Committee for the last three years, Mina has set a high bar for practitioner engagement. She is a well-respected attorney in our community and has been a wonderful mentor to me over the last six years.”


Mina continues to participate not only out of a sense of obligation to the profession, but also because she finds the experience satisfying and rewarding. She enjoys the fact that the clients she helps through the project “come out of bankruptcy court feeling less burdened and more hopeful about the future.” Pro bono bankruptcy attorneys help clients avoid wage garnishments, utility shut-offs, restore their driving privileges, stop collection activities, get out from under a high-interest car loan, and improve their overall financial situation.


Her commitment to helping Central Ohioans with bankruptcy issues isn’t limited to OSLSA’s Bankruptcy Pro Bono Project. Mina is involved in the following bankruptcy related committees: Vice-Chair of the Attorney Advisory Committee for the Bankruptcy Court, member of the Advisory Committee’s Chapter 13 Subcommittee, member of the Chapter 13 Liaison Committee, member of the Board of Trustees of the Credit Education Coalition, and past co-president of the International Women’s Insolvency and Restructuring Confederation (IWIRC).  In addition to her bankruptcy-related volunteer initiatives, she also volunteers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and as a poll worker.


Although Mina’s bankruptcy knowledge is impressive, attorneys do not need to be bankruptcy experts to participate in the Pro Bono Project. Mina explains that  the pro bono cases are usually not complex and LASC and SEOLS bankruptcy staff are very helpful in providing assistance to the volunteer attorneys. LASC/SEOLS is also sensitive to the needs of volunteer attorneys. When requests go out for pro bono bankruptcy cases, attorneys can always decline if they find themselves too busy to commit. Also, attorneys may request non-emergency cases so they have enough time to fit the pro bono cases into their own busy practices.


Mina believes that “this is a great program for attorneys. I would encourage all attorneys to consider volunteering their time to take on a few pro bono cases. I am sure you will find it just as rewarding and satisfying as I do.”

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