Kwame Christian

Kwame Christian greyscaleSole practitioner Kwame Christian serves as a true example of how new attorneys can balance personal and professional obligations while still finding time to give back to their communities. After graduating from both the Moritz College of Law and John Glenn School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University in 2013, Kwame became involved with LASC when he started volunteering at a brief advice clinic co-sponsored by LASC and his church–New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. “I enjoy helping people in their time of need. It’s also beneficial for me as a young attorney because I gain valuable experience” he explains.

Currently, Kwame runs his own firm, The Christian Law Office, LLC, which focuses on estate planning and business law. He previously worked as a Legal Analyst at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at OSU.  Despite his diverse professional background, Kwame admits that his pro bono activity has exposed him to experiences and skills that extend beyond the knowledge he gained from law school or in his early career. “It has helped me to hone my listening skills and has introduced me to a wide variety of practice areas.” Beyond the legal services he provides, Kwame acknowledges the other impact that pro bono work has on the lives of low-income individuals. “Beyond legal advice, we give them the opportunity to be heard. A number of my clients just wanted to talk to someone who would take the time to listen and validate their emotions. This emotional validation can, in some instances, be just as important as the practical legal advice we provide.”

“My favorite part about working with the LASC legal clinics is that we have an opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need. A lot of times these people have no advocates and one of their biggest needs is to hear someone to tell them that they’ve been wronged. Even if there’s nothing I can do to help them legally, simply being there to listen is of value.”

The new father of a five-month-old son insists that pro bono activity can be managed with a busy schedule, and his ongoing attendance at the New Salem clinic demonstrates that he will continue to keep that commitment. More than 1900 clients were assisted at LASC-sponsored brief advice clinics in 2015, and we are grateful for Kwame, the other members of the outstanding New Salem volunteer group, and all of the attorneys who sacrifice precious weekday evenings to volunteer their time to help clients in need.

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