Jim ParkLASC asks for a commitment of two cases per year for all of its pro bono case referral projects. With the leadership of Judge John Hoffman, the participation of the Chapter 7 Pro Bono Bankruptcy attorneys has been remarkable since the project began in early 2012. Many members of the pool handle more than two cases per year, including one bankruptcy attorney in particular who has truly stepped up to help LASC with its bankruptcy work–James Park.

A 2007 graduate of Capital University Law School and former associate at Marshall Cohen LLC, Jim was drawn to the Chapter 7 pro bono project early in his career because of his desire to help the underprivileged. This project in particular allows attorneys to provide assistance in their own area of expertise, rather than learning a new area of poverty law.

“With the pro bono program we are usually helping someone who is possibly in the worst financial position they have ever or will ever be,” Jim reflects. “The benefit that is provided to people in need is tremendous.”

Jim can identify the benefit pro bono work offers attorneys new to the practice: “Experience, experience, experience. My largest regret was not volunteering before I did. It is hard to gain experience in different disciplines without training or help from a more senior attorney. Volunteering is a way to hone your skills with the help you won’t get on your own or from your employer if it is outside the scope of your practice.”

In addition to his work on the Chapter 7 project, Jim also serves as a mentor for the LASC Bankruptcy Bypass clinic, which uses volunteer law students to develop creditor lists for uncollectable clients who do not need to file for bankruptcy but who seek an end to creditor harassment. In addition to advising the students at some of the bi-monthly clinics, Jim also aids the project by generating the letters LASC sends to the clients’ creditors.

Jim’s advice for attorneys who are hesitant to become involved in pro bono work is simple: “No one has ever gotten to this point in their life (through college, law school, life, etc.) without a little help. Call it giving back, paying it forward, or whatever; it is every person’s duty as a human being.”

Thank you, Jim, for being such a quality human being.

For more information on how you can become involved with our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Program, visit our Get Involved section.

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