Chantay Flowers

Andrew and Chantay Flowers  Although Ms. Flowers had been living in the same home for 12 years, she had been frustrated by her landlord’s refusal to make badly-needed repairs.  She began to escrow her rent, but her landlord still refused to fix the property. When her fuse box caught on fire, she finally decided the housing conditions had become too dangerous to endure, and decided to call Columbus City Code Enforcement, who inspected and ordered the landlord to make multiple repairs.  In response the landlord gave Ms. Flowers a 30-day notice terminating her tenancy. Ms. Flowers did not want to move because her son, who has an IEP, is in his last year of high school.  When she stayed beyond the 30 days, the landlord filed an eviction against her.  Andrew Ashbrook defended the eviction, arguing that the eviction was in retaliation for Ms. Flowers calling Code Enforcement and escrowing her rent.  After several hours of testimony, the Magistrate ruled that the landlord’s actions were in fact retaliatory, and dismissed the eviction action.  Ms. Flowers continues to live at the property, and the City of Columbus continues to monitor progress on repairs.

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