Law Student Clinic Opportunities

Monthly Brief Advice & Referral Clinics (Located at local “Interfaith” sites)

LASC sponsors legal clinics throughout Columbus on weekday evenings. Attorney volunteers meet with individuals to analyze problems, identify community resources, and offer legal advice on a variety of topics. Complete a Non-Attorney Interest Form for a full list of monthly clinics.

YWCA Family Center Legal Clinic

LASC partners with the YWCA to offer an on-site brief advice clinic at the YWCA Family Center, an emergency family shelter in Columbus. Volunteer attorneys and law students from both OSU Moritz and Capital University meet on-site with shelter residents who seek legal information and advice. The clinics are held on Tuesday evening every three weeks.

Adult Shelter Assistance Project

Residents of Faith Mission and the Van Buren Front Door Shelter receive legal advice from pro bono attorneys through this program, which offers four clinics per month. Attorneys, in groups of two or three, attend these evening clinics and are assisted onsite by law students who handle client intake.

Paralegal Association of Central Ohio (PACO) Wills Clinic

Through a collaboration with PACO, evening clinics are held at low-income senior residential facilities (and sometimes at other senior sites), matching volunteer attorneys with law students and paralegals to help clients prepare and execute wills, durable powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and living wills.

VA Clinic

LASC sponsors and provides volunteers for a weekly brief advice clinic serving low-income veterans at the Chalmers P. Wiley Ambulatory Care Center. Clinics take place every Thursday morning from 9-12:00.

Bankruptcy Bypass Clinic

“Uncollectable” elderly and permanently disabled clients who contact LASC expressing a desire to end creditor harassment are enrolled in a periodic evening clinic. Law students meet with clients to verify uncollectability and creditor information. LASC then sends letters to the clients’ creditors, with the express purpose of stopping the creditor or debt collector contact. Experienced bankruptcy practitioners supervise students and answer questions.

“Clean Slate” Clinic

These clinics are offered for ex-offenders who are transitioning back into society and anxious to address the collateral sanctions resulting from their criminal records. Pro bono attorneys are paired with law student volunteers to assist eligible clients with completing pro se record sealing forms. For those who are not eligible for “expungement,” the clinic attorneys and volunteers offer assistance with Certificates of Qualification for Employment (CQE).

Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP) Clinic

LASC offers a daily clinic for tenants with eviction hearings scheduled at Franklin County Municipal Court. Non-lawyers assist with processing tenants, assisting TAP lawyers, and providing resources to preserve tenancies. Clinics take place from 8:30-11:30 AM at 375 S. High Street.

Naturalization Clinic

In July 2015, LASC started hosting its first pro bono brief service Naturalization clinic for Lawful Permanent Residents who have naturalization questions or need assistance with completing paperwork. The clinic is comprised of volunteers from JPMorgan Chase’s Legal Department, Bricker & Eckler, and local immigration attorneys.  It reoccurs twice each year at different community sites.

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