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The Legal Aid Society of Columbus has expanded its advocacy efforts to assist low income students and parents who have education related civil legal needs.

Legal Aid may be able to assist if a student is:

  • Having trouble attending school due to:
    • Transportation issues
    • Homelessness
  • Struggling to grasp basic reading, writing or math skills including:
    • Not reading at or near grade level
    • Failing all or most subjects
    • Failing yearly achievement tests
    • Being held back a grade
  • An English Language Learner (ELL) student who is not receiving appropriate help from the school
  • Suffering from a medical condition that makes it hard for the student to learn or attend school including:
    • Students who have already been identified as needing extra help in school
    • Students who have not yet been tested to see if they need extra help in school
  • Being sent home from school due to behavioral difficulties
  • Being suspended or expelled from school for any reason

Legal assistance can be provided in a number of ways:

  • Providing students and parents with legal information and advice for handling the issue on their own
  • Providing sample letters to request that a student be tested for eligibility for special education and related services
  • Providing legal representation at school meetings including:
    • Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) meetings
    • Evaluation Team Report (ETR) meetings
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings
    • Manifestation Determination Review meetings
  • Providing legal representation at suspension hearings
  • Providing legal representation at expulsion hearings

If you would like to speak with a Legal Aid attorney about your student’s education issue, please contact our intake department.

Below are some resources that may help.

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The SAFE Act is legislation designed to reduce the number of out-of-school suspensions and expulsions of students in pre-K through 3rd grade.

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