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Evicted: No Place to Call Home

In 2016, over 100,000 evictions were filed in Ohio alone. This week, Dr. Cody Price talks with Melissa Benson and Ben Horne from the Legal Aid Society of Columbus to discuss eviction, homelessness and rising rent costs in Ohio. What is at the root of this housing instability, and how do we tackle these issues in a cost-effective and humane way?

For more from the Office of Housing Policy, visit our website and follow us on Twitter @ohiodoorsteps. To learn more about housing needs in Ohio, click here. For more information on eviction in the United States, visit the Eviction Lab’s website.

Contact the Legal Aid Society of Columbus by calling 614-241-2001 or visiting their website. You can also find them on Twitter @LASColumbus.

The views and opinions expressed in Doorsteps are those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ohio Housing Finance Agency.


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