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Cleveland not yet enforcing lead cleanup, legal action gets results elsewhere

CLEVELAND, Ohio–Now that hundreds of Cleveland property owners and tenants have received orders to vacate homes deemed dangerous due to unaddressed lead hazards, many are asking: What happens next?

It’s a question city officials are still working through, too.

In some Ohio cities over the past year, health officials have started sending some, or all such cases to court for potential legal action, and say they’re seeing results. Problematic homes, some that posed a threat to public health for years, are being cleaned up.

Cleveland, which has been reluctant to follow state law and issue orders to vacate due to concerns about displacing residents, has not yet taken any of its recent non-compliant property owners to court.

The city, through a spokeswoman, said that it will “work with the Law Department to determine the best course of action for each noncompliant property.”


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