September, 2020

Relief from IRS Collection and COVID Hardships CLE planned

Learn the basics on how to help taxpayers deal with IRS debts and seek collection alternatives,
and what to do about some common Economic Income Payment issues. This program can be
a valuable addition to your practice, but also an easy way to provide pro bono assistance. Tax
representation lends itself well to remote work; no existing tax expertise is necessary.
Hundreds of taxpayers seeking help with federal tax issues go without legal services every year
due to a lack of resources. Many of these applicants that go unassisted are seeking
audience because they are threatened with collection action by the IRS. This is a frightening and
overwhelming experience for all of them. There is a great need for volunteers to become
involved in helping these applicants in whatever way possible. Income loss related to COVID is
increasing demand. Application was made to the Supreme Court of Ohio for 2.75 hours of CLE credit.

The live Interactive Webinar takes place on Thursday, October 29, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Debt Collection Defense Basics Webinar

This program is designed to prepare volunteer attorneys to represent low income individuals being sued for consumer debt, primarily collection cases brought by debt buyers.  This training will provide basic information on consumer law, practical information on legal defenses and strategy, and helpful forms and template pleadings. The training will also focus on identifying consumer law issues for low-income clients.

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Legal Aid to Offer Bankruptcy Nuts and Bolts CLE

This program is designed to prepare volunteer attorneys who provide critical representation to low income individuals in Chapter 7 Proceedings. The first part of the training will provide attorneys with an overview of bankruptcy practice, as well as Ohio State Legal Services Association’s bankruptcy pro bono project.  The second part of the training will focus on specific bankruptcy issues that arise when representing low-income clients, such as secured debt, leases, divorce and wage garnishment. This training is designed for attorneys new to practice or those who want to focus on issues low-income bankruptcy clients face in the bankruptcy process.

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